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Thank you so much for your interest in becoming a tutor with Grade Potential! Please fill out this application. Once it is complete, someone in our office will call you within 5 business days for an interview. If an interview is not appropriate at this time, you will be notified by email. Please watch the accompanying videos for each step of the application to help you make sure to fill it out as accurately as possible. Thank you so much again for your interest, we look forward to working with you!

Please watch this 7-minute introductory video that gives a background about who we are and how things work as a tutor with us.
Contact Information

Please give us as much contact information about you as possible. As a minimum we will need your name, one phone number, an email (which will become your login ID), and a primary address. In addition you will be CREATING a password for your account in our system. Your password must be at least 6 characters and have at least 1 number and 1 letter.

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Education Background

Please tell us all about your educational background. Please let us know what degree(s) you currently have or what degree(s) you are currently pursuing. For each degree, please let us know when you received your degree or when you plan on receiving it, as well as what school(s) you have received/will receive it from. Please feel free to add any additional notes or comments in the comments section about your educational background that will help us get to know you better.

Major/Degree(s) Held
Grad Date / Expected Date
College Attending/Attended
Other Comments
Teaching Credential

Many of our tutors DO NOT have a teaching credential, but MANY DO. The majority of our tutors who work with Kindergarten through 6th graders have a credential, while most of our tutors for 7th grade and above do not have a credential. If you have a teaching credential, please let us know what type it is, when you RECEIVED it, where you received it from, as well as any specialties or add-ons that you may have. Please also feel free to tell us anything else in the Comments section about your credential that you think will help us get to know you better.

What Type?
Date of Credential
Specialties or Add-ons
Other Comments
Please watch this 3-minute video that will help you understand how to best describe to us what you would like to tutor.
Subjects/classes able to tutor. Be specific.

Please explain to us in a detailed fashion what subjects and classes you are EXTREMELY confident in tutoring. When describing what you can tutor, please bring it down to the class-specific level as opposed to just the subject-specific level. As an example, please don’t say that you can tutor “math” since “math” is a subject, not a class. Please say “Math: Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra2, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus 1, Calculus 2, Calculus 3…” Even please try to be as specific as possible for things like English or History. As opposed to saying “English” please say “English: All writing and composition at the High School and College level” or “English: British Literature”.

In addition, we tutor MANY college students. For that reason, if you can tutor college classes please let us know. If you can remember the actual course numbers and/or tiles such as “Physics 133, Electricity and Magnetism” or “Chemistry 312, Survey of Organic Chemistry” that is great. If you can’t remember specifics and need to be more general like “Introductory Micro and Macro Economics” or “Calculus 1-3” that is fine. Also, if you have a multiple subject teaching credential and you plan on only working with K-6 grade, you can just say “K-6”. Basically, just please try to give us as much information and detail about things that you would feel EXTREMELY confident in tutoring.

Any past tutoring experience? Please explain.

Many of our existing tutors had past tutoring experience when they applied, and many had not. If you have had any past tutoring experience, please tell us all about it.

Why would you be a good tutor for Grade Potential?

Please let us know why you think that you would be a good tutor with us. Let us know any of the reasons that you think you would be able to not only “know your stuff” but also able to tutor and teach your students to know the material themselves. Also let us know why we would be able to count on you as a RELIABLE person in terms of keeping your appointments and fulfilling the commitments you make to us, as well as your students.


If you have a resume, please copy and paste it into this window. If it messes up the format of your resume don’t worry too much about it, we don’t judge you on the format of your resume since we know that they get altered when copying and pasting them in here! Also, IF YOU DON’T HAVE A RESUME, don’t worry about it, it is not required.

Other Comments

If you have any other comments or things you would like to tell us about yourself, please tell us below. We want to know who you are!

Max Distance Willing to Travel at Default Payrate*

Please let us know how far you NORMALLY would be willing to drive to meet with a student. We will ALWAYS let you know how far away the student is from you and what area they live in before you accept them. If we ever offer you a student that is further than you would normally be willing to drive, we will of course let you know. In that case, we may agree upon a higher pay rate for that student to make it workable for you. Obviously though, the further you’re willing to drive, the more potential students we will have available for you.

Distance miles
Upload Photo

If you have a photo of yourself to upload that would be great although it is not required. It just helps us get to know you better!

Maximum File Size: 4.0MB (4,096KB)
How You Heard of Grade Potential

Please let us know how you heard of Grade Potential. If it was from online searching, please tell us which website, such as “Craigslist”, “SFSU Job board”, etc.

Phone Interview*

After we look over your application we may call you for an interview. Please tell us the days and ranges of times that are best to reach you, such as, “Mondays and Wednesdays between 5-7 pm.”

What are the best times to call you for an interview?
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